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Exceptional Professionalism; Reputable Representation

My wife and I owe an unlimited debt of gratitude to Attorney Krystal Ahart. From the onset she allayed our fears and anxieties by her caring professionalism and precise knowledge of what it would take to put our lives back together through a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Krystal was always on top of what the court required and kept us meticulously accountable to what was required of us. She lent invaluable assistance at the time of despair and transparently brought to light any detail that was not understood.

We were most appreciative of the fact that Krystal seemed well respected by the Judge and the representative from the US Trustee. For that reason we felt secure and confident, knowing that we were affiliated with a highly reputable law firm.

Krystal Ahart, James Kahn and the firm’s support staff have created an atmosphere that puts one at ease the minute one walks through the door. And throughout the lengthy legal process that hospitable and welcoming atmosphere was always evident. We unhesitatingly attribute that to a well-established client-centered culture. Now that our case has been successfully closed, we pass on this impeccable professional relationship that was based solely on mutual respect, integrity, trust and caring – and of course, WINNING!


– Paul & Lydia     

Excellent Law Firm

Krystal and Jim were both very helpful and professional! I would recommend them to anyone needing their services.


– Anonymous     

Truly Excellent Lawyer

Krystal was so patient and helpful with all of my questions. She made the whole process so easy and understandable. Mine was not the quickest case, but she showed patience and kindness throughout the whole process. She gets an A+ from me.


– Aubri     

Amazing Lawyer

Krystal was very thorough and detail oriented. She explained each step of the process and provided realistic timeframes and possible actions based on experience. She is very welcoming and completely on your side!


– anonymous     

Simply the Best!

I just want all of you to know how grateful I am that you walked me through this bankruptcy every step of the way! Today’s hearing I believe went extremely well because of all your collective hard work. Esperanza behind the scenes trying to get me to send the information for the Schedules, Krystal trying to make sense of my financial life and then coaching me this morning. And you, Jim, are to be thanked because you hired great people for your team and I saw it all come together today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work, efforts and dedication. Just know I appreciated it and will stay in touch going forward until the Bankruptcy process is completed in January 2018.


– Jean     

Excellent bankruptcy attorney

I had the pleasure to work with Jim Kahn during a very tough time in my business career. He saw me thru options for dealing with debt, creditors and personal guarantees. Jim has been around and knows most of the legal community in Arizona, which definitely helps. He’s professional, responsive and thorough. I would highly recommend him.


– Joseph     


My husband and I are so Greatful to Mr. Kahn and his team! I recommend anyone in financial troubles to speak to the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix. He took time to get us of a BIG mess we created, even though we live in Yuma. I would like to thank them for a great job.


– Maria     

Excellent attorney

I live in Nevada but was dealing with a bankruptcy issue in Arizona. Was reluctant to hire an attorney in Arizona not knowing anyone there. Mr. Kahn was recommended to me by another attorney in Arizona. It was a great recommendation. Mr. Kahn is very knowledgeable and professional and it was quite painless to deal with him over the phone or by email. He represented us in court and gave excellent advice on how to proceed.
I would recommend Mr. Kahn to anyone needing help with any bankruptcy issue.


– Jack     

Highly Recommended Bankruptcy Lawyer

Jim made a very stressful time in our lives easier to manage by providing detailed direction through our bankruptcy process. From day one we felt comfortable with him and his team in addition to feeling confident with our decision to file. He is always quick to respond to our questions and was patient in providing clear direction and advice. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his law services.


– Tina & Blair     

Bankruptcy Made Easier..

We came to Jim and Krystal almost four years ago and from the very first meeting we realized we were putting our financial future with the right team. Jim spent well over the allotted first hour with us making sure all of our questions were answered thoroughly. We had a bit of an unusual case, so Jim took several meetings with other professionals just to be sure our case was structured in the best possible way. He and his team walked us, step by step, through the entire process and stayed in regular communication with us throughout. Bankruptcy is never a pleasant option, but Jim and Krystal made our experience much easier. No doubt we would recommend him to anyone finding themselves in a similar position as we did four years ago.


– Rob and Addie     

Great Service

I thank you for all your help as this has probably been the worse thing I ever went through and I have had major abdominal surgery before. So that only tells you how stressful the process is and how much i appreciate the help and guidance from you. I would highly recommend Krystal and her team to anyone going through any kind of bankruptcy.


– George     

Very knowledgeable. Great customer service! Highly recommended.

Even a few years after our case was closed there were questions that we needed answered. One call to Ms. Ahart and she was on top of it. She very quickly answered our questions and explained our options. Her advice once again saved us time and money. This kind of customer service is priceless!


– anonymous     

Excellent knowledge and service

We were going through a rough time and the process with Krystal went smooth. She was always considerate, helpful and responsive. We really appreciate the help and would not hesitate to recommend her.


– Hatch     


Krystal made filing for bankruptcy an easy process. She answered every question I had promptly and never left me guessing what the next step would be. I truly appreciate all her help and recommend her services.


– Tiffany     

Highly Recommended Bankruptcy Lawyer

Krystal made a very stressful time in our lives easier to manage by providing detailed direction through our bankruptcy process. From day one we felt comfortable with her in addition to feeling confident with our decision to file. She is always quick to respond to our questions and was patient in providing clear direction and advice. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her law services.


– Tina & Blair     

Worry-free representation

From the very beginning of my association with James Kahn, I was impressed with his superb attention to detail and professional expertise. I soon realized how extremely fortunate I was to have found a legal firm that consistently kept my best interest in mind and would “go the extra mile” without hesitation.


– anonymous     

Top Notch Attorney

I never knew that bankruptcy could be so complicated. I see ads all the time that the lawyer can handle the procedure over the phone. Not so, Jim walked me through the process from start to finish and made me feel comfortable throughout. The court appearances were handled very professionally and I felt better knowing I had a competent attorney on my side. I work with many attorneys all over the country in my profession and I can definitely recommend Jim Kahn as one of the best in his field. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with a bankruptcy proceeding.


– Pete     

Knowlgeable, Good Communicator

Mr. Kahn is extremely knowledgeable and was able to communicate effectively with me, a legal novice. He kept me informed as our case progressed and carefully described our options. I felt comfortable that he was giving me the best advice and that it was based on his years of experience as well as his constantly updated education as an attorney.


– Becky     

Recommendation for James Kahn

We highly recommend James Kahn as a bankruptcy attorney. He is very competent, capable and caring, He and Krystal were always there for us and helped us through a very difficult period. We really appreciate all they did and feel that we could not have had better representation.


– anonymous     

Jim Kahn is an Excellent Attorney

I have known Jim and his assistant, Krystal, for a few years and met him a while back when he took care of a friend’s bankruptcy. He did a fabulous job and helped him through the process and I felt confident he’d do the same for me. Bankruptcy is a very hard decision to come to, but Jim gave me all the information I needed to consider if this was the right move for me. I found him extremely knowledgeable and he gave me great advice before and during all my proceedings. Both Jim and Krystal were on the ball and always accessible. I found them extremely helpful as they kept me informed timely with any updates and made sure I wasn’t missing anything along the way. I would recommend Jim to anyone considering a bankruptcy.


– Wendy     

Potential Client Chapter 13

We were referred to Krytal by our Trustee’s help desk after our attorney filed for bankrupcy and was removed from our case.
She was extremely helpful and completely eased our reservations on how we were to fullfill the final aspects of our case.
After speaking with Krystal we are completely confident that if we follow her advise and direction we will be able to finalize our Bankruptcy in a timely and complete manner.
We wish we would have hired her in the first place as she was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to anyone who asked.


– Ann     

Bankruptcy made easier

Bankruptcy is never a pleasant course of action, but Krystal and Jim made the entire process so much easier. Krystal went above and beyond for our unusual circumstances while still maintaining her honesty and professionalism throughout. When times arose that we had to appear in court, she conducted her research thoroughly and was prepared for any and all questions presented to her. Krystal stayed in constant contact and notified us immediately anytime something came up. There is no doubt we would recommend Krystal and Jim to anyone who may be considering bankruptcy.


– Rob and Addie     

A painless experience from start to finish

If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy, then Krystal is who you want for your attorney. She was knowledgeable, kind, always in good humor and made a frightening experience turn in to one that I wondered what I was scared about in the first place. She was very communicative, and patient when I had questions or concerns, and always responded in a timely fashion. I would recommend her and her firm to anyone looking in to a fresh start through bankruptcy. 5 stars!


– anonymous     

Persistent & Professional

Krystal Ahart handled a challenging case for me and showed her determination and expertise throughout a lengthy process. She never “dropped the ball” and the outcome could not have been better.


– anonymous     

One of the Best in her Field

Bankruptcy is not as easy as the TV lawyers make it sound. Krystal worked with me from beginning to end and made an uneasy situation much easier to deal with. Her advice was right on and having her in court beside me was very reassuring. She is very familiar with the system and the process so the whole ordeal was much less stressful for me. I would highly recommend Krystal to anyone in need of bankruptcy assistance.


– Pete     

Well Respected Lawyer

James is well respected in his field,he and Krystal his associate did an excellent job in handling my case,from start to finish. James represented me at my hearing with the trustee and it was obvious he is well respected by the legal community.


– Edward     

Excellent Client Relationship

I was well informed on what to expect, how proceedings would be handled and updated to the progress of the case. The follow-up I received made me feel that I was in good hands. There was never a question that wasn’t addressed in a timely fashion. There was a genuine compassion for what we were going through. I have and will continue to refer business to them because of the outstanding job that was done.


– Nicki     

Saved our Company

We started with another attorney and after 18 months of frustration, James agreed to pickup the case. Immediately the negotiations with our creditors changed due to the respect and credibility of James Kahn. I sincerely believe that if I hadn’t been referred to James, and switched attorneys, we would have lost our company.


– Doug     

Best Law Office EVER!!!

I would absolutely recommend Jim to anyone! He is very thorough and extremely helpful and his office staff is fantastic! Jim ensures that his clients are comfortable and that they understand everything he is telling them. He is very patient and extremely thorough when dealing with clients. My experience was excellent!


– Beth     

Trustworthy, smart and helpful

Both Jim and his office staff were helpful, knowledgable and trustworthy. (Krystal rocks!) It can be scary to have to select a lawyer (let’s face it – you never hire a lawyer for something fun!) and they made sure I was comfortable and informed at all times. It means a lot to have good communication and effective results from a lawyer. I cannot recommend them enough!


– anonymous     

Prompt Resolution

Krystal was very knowledgeable regarding the law and what needed to be done for my case. She was upfront about potential pitfalls and how they would be handled, but thankfully things went smoothly. She was very professional and prompt with her communication to keep me updated.


– anonymous     

Krystal Ahart is a Wonderful Attorney

Krystal worked on my bankruptcy for the last two years along with her co-attorney, Jim Kahn. She took care of so much of the leg work and administration and was very helpful along the process, which isn’t easy for anyone going through a bankruptcy. Krystal’s prompt with information and knows her stuff. I appreciate all the understanding and great advice during this difficult process. I couldn’t have done it without Krystal and Jim.


– Wendy     

Excellent respected Lawyer

Krystal did a excellent job helping me with my difficult case,she is very knowledgeable and very persistent with all of the details required from me. I would strongly recommend her to anyone requiring legal advice and representation.


– Edward     

Has come through for me

Krystal has done some legal work for me, in the bankruptcy field. This was in helping me have a tenant who was going bankrupt, who I could not evict. It was a difficult case as I live 2000 miles away. But she more than came through for me, and this work was done properly, and in a timely final. I do recommend Krystal for you legal needs, as it sure worked for me.


– Calum     

Krystal goes above and beyond

Krystal time and time again has come through for us. She is always available to take our call, answer our 101 questions and simply give her support. Even years later she always remembers us, asks us about our daughter and goes above and beyond to be of service. It has been absolutely wonderful to have Krystal in our corner. We would recommend her to anyone.


– Katherine     

james f kahn review

Declaring bankruptcy is not a pleasant experience, however with the help and support I received from Mr. Kahn and his amazing staff (Krystal specifically) I had the best experience I think possible. They basically held me hand through this whole process and made sure I always understood what was going on. And in the times I didnt, they always answered my questions completely and quickly. I would highly recommend Mr. Kahn.


– James F. Kahn     

So Painless

I was terrified at having to file bankruptcy but I felt I had no other choice. Mr. Kahn and Christina his assistant took that terror away. I was so glad that I had found his office. They were extremely knowledgeable, Mr. Kahn spent a great deal of time with me at my consultation and answered all my questions. I never felt pressured in anyway as I have heard many other people say about their attorney’s. I didn’t feel like a dollar sign but a true client who they cared about what was best for me. Mr. Kahn kept me informed of my case status, provided a lot of great information to me and was there to answer my questions both before and after my hearing. I really appreciated all they did for me.


– Rachele     

A Must Use!

Jim and Krystal were an excellent team to guide us through our chapter 7 bankruptcy. It would have been difficult to find more experience and professionalism. Without that we would have been much worse off. Whenever the stress became high, Jim always succeeded to alleviate our worries by his knowledge and his pleasant personality. For a few specialty items that were outside his field of expertise, Jim proved to be an excellent coach that directed me to collect the needed information. It would be a serious mistake to enter in bankruptcy proceedings without an attorney and we strongly recommend Jim.


– anonymous     

Jim Kahn – Excellent Attorney

Jim answered all my questions and made sure I was very prepared for the entire process. Through our consultation, Jim gave me the absolute best advise – more than I’d heard through other sources. I’d had a consultation with another attorney prior and considered going with him, but after I met with Jim I realized I wasn’t given as good of advice as I thought. Jim brought up many other factors to consider and things I needed to complete prior to filling. The paperwork isn’t easy and really takes some time to organize. I’m very grateful that Jim and his assistant Krystal took the time to make sure I had everything in order and made me answer detailed questions to make sure things would go through smoothly and with little to question during the process by the Trustee. His staff is extremely helpful, friendly and accessible. My calls were always answered. I knew I was in good hands.


– Wendy     


We highly recommend Jim and his team. They were professional, thorough and supportive. Anytime we had a question, his team was available to assist and guide us. It was an emotional time, but Jim and his team helped us see that what we were going through was just another transition in life. Our bankruptcy case was handled with the utmost care and we would recommend him without question to anyone needing a great bankruptcy attorney.


– anonymous     

Highly Recommend for Outstanding Client Care

I was well informed on what to expect, how proceedings would be handled and updated to the progress of the case. The follow-up I received made me feel that I was in good hands. There was never a question that wasn’t addressed in a timely fashion. There was a genuine compassion for what we were going through. I have and will continue to refer business to them because of the outstanding job that was done.


– Nicki     

Excellent Service By Law Firm

Krystal was excellent in all areas of my cases. I often felt overwhelmed by the extent of the bankruptcy. She made the information easy to understand and answered all my questions. There were many times she patiently answered the same question numerous times. I would highly recommend both Krystal and her law firm to anyone seeking competent representation.


– Eleanor     

Highly Recommended

Krystal handled our bankruptcy case with great care and competency. She treated us with dignity and respect. I cannot recommend Krystal highly enough


– JOE     

Compassion,Integrity, and Understanding

During a dark period in my life I found in the law office of James Kahn an exemplary person who worked with Mr. Kahn.
That person Krystal Ahart whom I was working with primarily was extremely professional, and at the same time compassionate.
I was feeling pretty low as my financial life was taking a monstrous hit, but Krystal was upbeat, and helped me realize that indeed there is life after bankruptcy.
She was always upbeat, and encouraging.
I would not hesitate to refer someone in need to Krystal.


– Bruce     

A Great Attorney

Ms. Ahart is a Great attorney and a Wonderful person to deal with. She is a Professional to the core. She has great grasp of legal matters and she is one of the brightest legal eagles I have come across. I recommend Ms. Ahart without any reservations and you
will be in good hands if you need help in regards to any Bankruptcy issues.


– anonymous     

Kona USA

They responded promptly to a very last minute request to represent us in a Chapt. 11 filing. The follow through was excellent, timely and informative. Everything I could have asked for and more. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim to anyone!


– Kathy     

Chapter 7 BK

We would like to say that Mr. Khan and Krystal and his staff are exceptional, they kept us informed, they were very helpful, friendly, and they explained what was going on in detail. They were very responsive to emails and phone calls. They pretty much held our hands throughout the whole process. I would recommend them to any one I know who is thinking or plannning to file BK. They are very trustworthy and they care about their clients. They are the best. Kudos to James F. Kahn and staff.


– Janet     

Highly recommend James Kahn

Having James Kahn represent me in my bankruptcy case was probably the best decision I have ever made. James and his assistant Krystal walked me through every step of the process and kept me informed when any new developments occured. As stressful as a process as bankruptcy is, it was nice to have someone with the knowledge and understanding of the process on my side. James and his staff were there for me any time I called with a question, and believe me there were many, and never made me feel like I was bothering them. They answered all my questions immediately and always returned my calls within the day if I had to leave a message. Great Lawyer, Great staff, highly recommend them to anyone.


– Jeff     

Chapter 7 with Loan Modification Complications

I already have recommended him! Jim is most knowledgeable and trains his staff to be just as informed. They were patient with me while I asked a bazillion questions. I was in a bad spot and needed help and guidance through a difficult time. I have used other lawyers in my life and I have to say Jim was the most informed and professional and responsive. And his fees were fair and reasonable. I could not have gotten through my bankruptcy without them as it was a difficult case. I recommend them highly and as I said, I already did! Thank you Jim and Krystal!!


– Liz     

Excellent Experience

I would recommend Jim to anyone that has the unfortunate experience of having to go through bankruptcy. He is very knowledgeable and helped us every step of the way. His staff is very helpful and friendly too.


– Nancy     

New client

Krystal was very helpful and took time to answer all of our questions and made sure we understood all that was going to happen in our case. She made myself and my husband feel like family instead of a client . I would recomend her to anyone who needed a lawyer.


– Bonnie