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Kahn & Ahart, PLLC (Bankruptcy Legal Center™) is an Arizona law firm that represents creditors and debtors in all aspects of bankruptcy law and related proceedings. The firm concentrates in representing creditors in a wide range of cases, protecting your rights and providing the high-quality legal counsel you need to obtain the funds you are entitled to under the Bankruptcy Code. Attorney James Kahn and attorney Krystal Ahart are experienced creditors’ rights attorneys who have successfully helped many clients protect their rights. They will aggressively advocate on your behalf both inside and outside the courtroom with the goal of obtaining the best resolution possible in your case.

Arizona Creditor Attorneys

At the Bankruptcy Legal Center™, our experienced attorneys have helped countless debtors and creditors resolve their financial disputes. We have successfully represented a wide range of creditors in the process of obtaining funds they are due.  Through our decades of experience, we have learned that no two cases are exactly alike. That is why we offer our clients personalized legal advice that is tailored to their unique needs. We work closely with our clients to understand every detail of their case and to provide the legal guidance they need to obtain the funds they are due.  As skilled negotiators, we have resolved many cases efficiently and effectively, without the need for costly litigation. At the Bankruptcy Legal Center™, our attorneys and staff have the necessary knowledge and skill to provide the high-quality legal advice you need to prevail in your case.

Practice Area: Creditors’ Rights

At the Bankruptcy Legal Center™, we help creditors protect their rights in bankruptcy and related proceedings. The Bankruptcy Code protects creditors and also spells out the available options you have for collecting debt. Our experienced attorneys will review your options with you and will carefully answer all of your questions. Together we will identify the most effective strategy for recovering debt in your case.

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If you are a creditor who is owed money, but are not sure of your options, you need the counsel of an experienced attorney. Our Arizona creditor attorneys have the necessary knowledge and skill to explain your rights and provide the legal advice you need to resolve your case. Contact our Arizona office today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced creditors’ rights attorneys.